Monday, February 1, 2016

Sandi Patti

I was reintroduced to Sandi Patti yesterday after a 25 or so year hiatus and I have to say, that lady can sing! Does anyone else remember this artist? I listened to one of my favourite childhood albums entitled Morning Like This and was pleasantly surprised that it is still fantastic and that I had great taste in music when I was in 5! 

Image result for sandi patty it was a morning like this

This album has got everything! It starts with a beautiful choral arrangement entitled Let There Be Praise and believe me there was. By the end of the song my children were covering there ears and my daughter announced that my singing was too loud and was hurting her head. The album then goes on to such inspirational hits as Love in Any Language. This one will bring you to tears, or at least it did for me. Then the album really ramps up with King of Glory. This song is a huge highlight and I listened to it repeatedly until I could sing all the words by heart (there is nothing like fumbling over lyrics to really take away from the enjoyment of a song). I very much enjoyed the high notes in this one. Sandi, you hit those like a champ and I will continue to practice until I can do so too! The next song, Face to Faith, is a jazzy little number that proves that this lady can do it all! Those skatting solos were the bomb! Was It a Morning Like This? is another of my personal favourites which includes syncopation to boot. The album ends with two more amazing and equally powerful songs In the Name of the Lord and There is a Saviour. 

This album was released a couple years ago, in 1986, and has made it back into my rotation. I remember dancing and singing to it as a child in preparation for my own solo career (still to come to fruition) and even though some may say that it is a little dated, I would say that good music is good music and Sandi Patti knows how to sing. She didn't need auto-tune to make herself sound good because she had raw talent and a gift for inviting us all into this worshipful experience!


  1. Oh wow, just reading the names of some of those songs makes them start playing in my head! Takes me back too....

    - Marilyn

  2. Oh Sandi Patty! You do have good taste in music. Remember singing at the top of our lungs to Amy Grant's "Sing your praise to the Lord" in your Reliant car? Sandi Patty is almost as good as that!